score for no land – improvisation performance



Project by Alessandro Olla and Juan Manuel Castrillo

This project was born out of the collaboration of two artists who share the same technical and aesthetic concerns regarding the use of sound as a creative material. Juan Manuel’s work as a sound technician, soundscape composer, percussionist and improvisator converges with Alessandro’s work as a composer, performer and researcher in the electronic music and electroacoustics.. The Castrillo-Olla duo is technical and aesthetic experimentation, from different angles, that produces artistic pieces using sound as a means of communication.


The concert is intended to be a listening experience more than a performatic one. Boundaries between artist and public are removed in order to allow everyone’s attention to focus on the sonic discourse. To be able to keep awareness and intensify the experience, the artists use a short duration of no more than 40 minutes.


Score for no land is a piece born out of electroacoustic improvisation. Most of the sonic material consists of field recordings treated in a way that sometimes reveals the source, allowing the listener to associate it with their own experiences, and other times the recordings are so processed that they become totally abstract. Although the piece was conceived through experimentation, a form was established by organizing the sounds according to their sonic characteristics.

LISTEN ON SOUND CLOUD  score for no land