Esercizi di vertigine

 “Esercizi di vertigine “ is an audio video live performance that offers 6 different sounds dimension e mental states.
The music is played with live improvisation techniques on a fixed score.
Esercizi di vertigine is a process in which images, acoustic and electronic sounds and any other perceptible component repies to the expressive necessities of the other, creating an audio/video macro-composition in which you pass without intermissions from one musical and visible fragment to the other connecting, linking, uniting in a continuous alternation between the audible and non audible, visible and non visible in a rite in which the spatial, temporary and feasible coordinates aremarked out by clear and at the same time enigmatic signs that have deposed within the time. [Project by Alessandro Olla (TiConZero) and Fabrizio Casti (Spaziomusica).


Esercizi di vertigine_ ( vertigo exercises ) from ticonzero on Vimeo.