The website

Graphic choices and enjoyment

I created this site to divulge my project and make it accessible to a wide audience. The website was built by the graphic designer Elisa Marras. According to the Elisa’s suggestion, I chose WordPress, the most popular platform for blogs and websites, for the flexibility it guarantees and because it was already in use in my personal website, then the integrations between the two will be more simple.

We chose a commercial theme, Elisa implemented it and then she customized graphics to make it personal and to express the full capabilities of ELQE project. We wanted a clean and easy to read results, both on monitors and mobiles – the theme is responsive – and with a good appreciation of the photos.

I alternated various types of layout, as allowed the theme’s visual editor. Pages with technical content of the photos accompanying the text in the column. In the other formatting zigzag pages can move the content, highlight the photos and is reminiscent of the unpredictable evolution of the african trips.
(Elisa Marras)