Sound/video composition

This form of multimedia composition uses videos recorded in places of particular acoustic interest, associated to an audio track.

The audio track can be original, recorded simultaneously in sync with the video, or a soundscape composition, using field recordings related to the images.

In my opinion, this compositional  form is the most popular, attracting more interest also from an audience normally not specifically interested in acoustic identities or in the study of soundscapes. Moving images allow the communication of various levels of information about the locations, social customs, movement times, climatic conditions, etc. Multimedia works offer various levels of interpretation: the soundtrack can be separated from the images because it is a soundscape composition that has an aesthetic and communicative independence, therefore it can be listened to without images.

This compositional form is often used for the web and in multimedia installations.

In this thesis, I made the video “Sound in transit” with a fixed camera shooting places where there were passageways of people going from village to village.