Using sound scape

One of the objectives of this thesis is to identify various possibilities of proposing and communicating the soundscapes.

There are several options and decisions that are determined by the desired results. In general, there are two types of approach. Those confined to a documentarist context and those of artistic nature, with the intention of expanding on the evocative or musical potential of the recorded environment sounds. Sometimes natural soundscapes are themselves already rich in content and density of information and the composer only has the task of highlighting their natural beauty. Sometimes, instead, it is necessary to eliminate or layer the parts that, within an artistic project, would alone be of little interest. It must be taken into account that at the presentation stage of the recorded soundscape to an audience, inevitably there is an alteration and variation to the perceived soundscape and this variation could bring in new meanings.

According to “The creative use of sound may in other words contribute to enlarging the ontology and epistemology of the soundscape” –

Within this variety of approaches, in order to describe the nature of “eco-acoustic composition”, in the next chapter we will try to set a list of different styles according to an increasing degree of elaboration and abstraction.


  • Documentary
  • Reconstruction
  • Transformation
  • Composition
  • Installation