Installation project

This is a first study of an interactive installation where the user can mix different soundscapes. In practice the public can by a midi mixer to mix and overlay 9 different sound environments. The result will be an improvised soundscape composition. The composition will be stimulated by the projected images. The audio tracks are nine with different duration and are play in loop mode.

The images are all recorded with a fixed camera in places of particular visual and audio interest.

Installation is usable individually audio video interactive installation.


  • Ideal installation requires:
  • darkened room of at least 16 sq.m.
  • 1 video projector with at least 4500 ANSI lumens
  • support for hanging or standing the projector
  • 2 good quality audio speakers
  • 1 electrical power strip
  • container that can hosting a laptop inside and on the top a small mixer
  • Computer with Max MSP and Isadora software